Saturday, 30 August 2014

Our Screech-in

Arriving at Newfoundland we went to the local bar for a beer and, after talking to some locals, we went through the Newfoundland Screech-in ceremony. This ceremony allows you to become an honorary Newfoundlander. 

Firstly, you are supposed to wear a sou'wester but we had a mix of other fisherman gear. Then when you are asked the question 'is ye an honorary Newfoundlander' you are required to answer 'deed I is me ol' cock, and long may your big jib draw'. This is then followed by kissing a piece of cod and drinking a shot of Screech rum before kneeling and being 'knighted' with a paddle. 

Only a native Newfoundlander can perform the ceremony and Wanda assisted us with ours.

Pictures courtesy of Mike Pringle. Thanks. 

Footnote 1
Mike emailed me the pictures from his phone and included the following picture of me having put on the leggings back to front.  He added the caption 'why is there a buttoned fly over my arse?'

Footnote 2.
As you have to down the Screech rum in one shot you don't get the opportunity to taste it so we went out and bought a bottle for our journey :)

Great fun.

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